Institute Of IT Training: Learning And Performance Institute

The Learning and Performance Institute, which was formally known as the Institute of IT training is a professional body and association which offers its members a form of accreditation and standing in the IT training community. Many industries have associations and bodies which alleviate an individual to a position of authority, a person who has trained to a quantifiable level in their sector and wishes to be able to show that they are committed to a certain level of service and adherence to policies and standards.

Much like an association of plumbers would give credence to a company involved in plumbing, the Learning and Performance Institute can offer members a distinction which will carry weight around the world.

Membership Levels and Accreditation Structure

Being able to become a member of the leading global authority on Learning and Development is a tick on any one person's curriculum vitae or for business, a remarkable positive when marketing their services to the wider public and business arena. The institute has gone to great lengths to equate standards of proficiency across its membership and against all individual qualifications the world over. So whether you have attained certification from the BCS at the Chartered Institute For IT or Mountain leader Training England your proficiency and level of experience can be compared and categorised to reflect a form of membership within the institute.

The varying degrees of membership are Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow. Each level directly corresponds with your level of achievement in the realm of learning and development across all industry sectors and that of IT training.

How Accreditation Works And Its Benefits

In the Institutes's words "Accreditation with the Learning and Performance Institute represents a commitment to raise the standard of workplace learning and undertake a programme of continuous performance improvement."

From Pearson to the Houses of Parliament, most employers and IT training providers often need the institutes membership to be able to garner or apply for new work with other professional or government bodies. "The Institute's Accreditation is recognised as the de facto standard in the L&D industry today and is a requirement for many training tenders in Government and global corporations."

Membership of the former Institute Of IT Training is cost effective and comes with benefits that will last a lifetime - well as long as you renew. Showing compliances and adherence to a range of policies and standards helps grow the industry in ways any one member individually would find difficult to attain on their own.